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Going up the street from Skarinou at a distance of 7Km, you turn left and at about 2 to 3 minutes you will find the beautiful village of Kato Drys.

At the entrance of the village at your right you will see the huge "Platano" (plane-tree) that was planted by the resident of the village, G.Kavetzi in 1907. It welcomes you and you can rest in its dew, you can have your coffee or eat the traditional foods of the restaurant.

As you move further in the village at the left side of the street, you will see three classic residences with columns that were built in 1934,1935 and 1939 respectively. These residences constitute a real architectural beauty of the village.

At the right you can find the cafe of the village, where the men go after their works in the afternoon, in order to they play cards, backgammon, to read their newspaper and say their jokes. There, you will be invited, in order to offer you a drink.

Advancing in the narrow street paved with flagstones that is found opposite of the cafe at your right, you can see the office and the medical center of the community, a donation of the unforgettable Ser Rio Staki. By continuing your tour in the village you will reach outside the Museum of Popular Art that functioned for the first time in April 2004 and here you can find out information about the history, the culture, the morals and the customs of Kato Drys through the years. At the right side of the Museum, you can see the house that Agios Neophytos was given birth.

Advancing in the narrow flagstone street outside of the Museum, right and left, you can see the renovated traditional houses with their balconies in the street and with the variety of flowers in the narrow passages. You reach then, the big church of the village that is dedicated to the miraculous Agios Charalambos.

Close to the cafe, an uphill paved street brings you to the two municipal schools, the male and the female school. The male school was built with expenses of Stylianos Ioannou in 1931 and the female school from Gavriel Tarsides in1937. The landscape there is a small paradise consisting of pines, cypresses and wild vegetation.

If you have not visited our beautiful village yet, do it and you will not regret it. When you taste our traditional foods, receive the hospitality of the residents, enjoy the unique climate, the quietness, the dew offered by the plane trees during the hot evenings, you will probably want to visit our village again.

7714, Kato Drys
Tel.: 24342833
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