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Church of Panagia Eleousa

At the edge of the village and to the east, in the midst of traditional houses, stands the church of "Panagia Eleousa" (Blessed Virgin Mary the Merciful). It is a 12th century structure and it is the village's old church. It was renovated by the Antiquities Department. It is a very small church that can accommodate 20 faithful. Externally it is made of stone with the architectural form of a single-aisle Byzantine church. In its interior it is a simple church with a woodcut icon screen and two Psalters.

There are two very old icons dedicated to the Virgin Mary.
During the times of the Turkish rule and the Crusades, the heathens furiously and fanatically struck the icons and destroyed them.

In order to protect them the inhabitants covered them with a gold, hagiographic cover, the so-called "ypokamiso" (literally, "shirt").

Today they can be found at the icon screen of the "Panagia Eleousa" church.

It celebrates on the 15th of August in a festive manner, this being the day of the Assumption. It is a significant day for the inhabitants of the Kato Drys community.

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